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Promoting gender equality through volunteering in national or subnational policies and frameworks

United Nations Volunteers
Gender and Volunteering

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This toolkit is designed for policymakers and development practitioners to consider how volunteering can support efforts towards gender equality and women's empowerment. It provides guidance on how gender concerns can be integrated into national and subnational volunteering frameworks, strategies and plans. 


The toolkit is divided into several sections. The first section provides a snapshot of why volunteering and gender equality must be linked in national strategies and policies relevant to volunteer work. The next sections present a situation analysis and a step-by-step guide for policymakers and their partners to think about how to ensure that women’s rights and gender equality are embedded in the three policy areas of:

  • national or subnational volunteering policies
  • gender equality strategies, frameworks and plans
  • sectoral policies that engage volunteers in planning and implementing policy goals.

Building on scalable and replicable examples from countries, the final section of the toolkit provides ideas of what policymakers and their partners can do to promote gender equality through volunteerism.