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The Handbook of the Organization of Volunteer Activities and Cooperation with Socially-Oriented NGOs

A.P. Metelev, Yu.S. Belanovsky, N.I. Gorlova et al; I.V. Mersiyanova (ed.), National Research University HSE
Europe and Central Asia
Russian Federation

This handbook by the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), which is the result of work by members of academia and practitioners, offers a complex approach to the socio-cultural practice of volunteering as an integral element of civil society that is relevant despite the widescale challenges in economic and social spheres.  

The book consolidates crucial elements of the Russian state volunteering policy and the normative and regulatory base for inter-sectoral collaboration. Some of the topics highlighted in the textbook include volunteering as a resource for personal growth and community development, as well as trends in the development of volunteering.

A detailed analysis of the diverse forms and types of volunteering activities is presented, and particularities of interactions with socially-oriented non-government organizations (NGOs), self-help groups and authorities are described.

The book also reviews the historical background of the development of modern forms of volunteerism in Russia, means of collaboration with volunteers, motivation and risk management. The personal qualities of volunteers and their potential are also covered in the book. Significant focus is given to complex subjects such as measuring the effectiveness of volunteering activities.