Time well spent

Time Well Spent

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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This report by the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NVCO) presents findings of a national survey on volunteer experiences in Great Britain. It is the result of a national survey carried out through YouGov's panel (10,000+ respondents).


The report depicts the rich diversity of civic engagement throughout Great Britain and provides insights that can inform policy, address knowledge gaps and generate evidence.  

The complex and dynamic nature of participation highlighted in this research suggests that volunteering is shaped by a multitude of factors and that there is no single lever that will result in more and better participation.

Eight key features of a quality volunteer experience are featured and what they might mean for the way organizations engage with current and potential volunteers. 

The report also focuses on some key topical issues and identifies questions to stimulate discussion about the challenges and opportunities for volunteer-involving organizations, government and civil society more broadly.