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Volunteering Practices in Traditional Institutions for Deliberative Governance

State of the World’s Volunteerism

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  • The case study explores volunteer practices in traditional institutions for deliberative governance in Nepal.
  • Based on the Guthi in the Newar community and Barghar in the Tharu community, the case study explores volunteering practices in these traditional institutions.


  • The case study explores the social contract between Guthi and Barghar as traditional social institutions that engage in facilitating volunteering in their communities, and their interaction with local governments.
  • It explores how the local government and Guthi and Barghar as key volunteering practices/local institutions engage with the Guthi and Barghar members in deliberative decision-making within the context of community development, especially in natural resource management.
  • Drawing on the Guthi and Barghar's partnership with state authorities, the case study identifies opportunities for strengthening the people-state relationship, and offers insights into how state authorities can better leverage traditional institutions for development.