Enabling Youth Volunteerism for a Better Future in Jordan

Enabling Youth Volunteerism for a Better Future in Jordan

Dr. Haya Al-Dajani
Arab States
Youth and Volunteering

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  • This study looks at the enabling environment for youth volunteerism in Jordan.
  • The researchers used a combination of focus groups, stakeholder interviews and a youth survey to take a snapshot of the motivations, barriers and outcomes among Jordanian youth volunteers. 


The findings of the survey suggest a number of institutional policy issues that hold back youth volunteerism in Jordan.  The report identifies the following key barriers to youth volunteering in Jordan: the lack of funding to support youth volunteerism activities; the need for institutional volunteering programmes at national and local levels to enhance civic engagement and participation; the need for tailored training for the youth volunteerism sector to enable young volunteers to acquire new skills that can also make them more employable; and the need to establish an official network that brings together volunteers and volunteer organizations. The report asks whether payment is needed for young volunteers and whether participation should be voluntary or compulsory. Participants in the survey acquired new skills, such as accountability, confidence, maturity, pride, reliability, responsibility and a sense of aptitude and accomplishment.

The study provides decision makers with insights to inform the design of policies that include young people by engaging young volunteers to develop national strategies for youth volunteering.