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Volunteerism and the state in the Arab world: Towards building an inclusive society

Arab States
State of the World’s Volunteerism

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  • The case studies explore emerging models of volunteer-state relationships in the Arab States, and how the models can lead to more sustainable and inclusive societies.
  • Using comparative qualitative analysis, the case studies analyze the developing relationship between volunteers, the state and society in the light of recent social, economic and cultural changes in the region. 



  • The case study on Lebanon's Amel Association focuses on a partnership between community-based volunteers and state authorities on the co-production of services for domestic migrant workers. 
  • The case study on Tunisia's Nebhana Water Forum focuses on the platform's partnership between farmers (some of them volunteers) and state authorities, and their efforts to address water management issues in a collaborative way through deliberation.
  • The Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue's case study focuses on a partnership with the state aimed at national reconciliation.