Volunteerism in the Philippines
Technical paper

Volunteerism in the Philippines: Dead or Alive? On Measuring the economic contribution of volunteer work

Romulo A. Virola, Vivian R. Ilarina, Christopher M. Reyes, and Corazon R. Buenaventura
Asia and the Pacific
Measurement of Volunteer Work

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  • This paper looks at the efforts of the Philippines National Statistical Coordination Board in laying the groundwork for a more permanent mechanism for measuring the contribution of volunteer work to the economy.


The paper highlights the importance of recognizing and measuring the value of formal and informal volunteering in the Philippines. It proposes a statistical framework for measuring volunteer work that is consistent with the System of National Accounts in the country. The paper highlights that this approach will ensure consistency with other macroeconomic measures and increase its credibility, comparability (within and across countries) and sustainability. It also outlines the challenges of this approach, including the lack of specific data and variables on volunteering, the statistical invisibility of volunteer work and shortfalls in national statistical systems for collecting and analysing data.

This paper provides government statistical agencies with insights on the obstacles and potential approaches for collecting and measuring the economic value of volunteering using satellite data and technologies. It also recommends strengthening local and international advocacy efforts to facilitate measuring the contribution of volunteerism and enhance its statistical visibility.