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10.2 milion
Total number of volunteers (ILO, 2020)
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Organization-based (ILO, 2020)

Volunteer statistics (ILO)*

Source: ILOSTATS. The data is collected by ILO from national statistical offices. As national statistics on volunteer work are produced using a variety of approaches and tools, direct and cross-country comparisons are not recommended. For more information, visit

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  • 2007
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  • 2009
  • 2010
    • Time Use Survey
  • 2011
    • Labour Force Survey
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
    • Labour Force Survey
  • 2015
    • Social Survey
  • 2016
  • 2017
    • Labour Force Survey
  • 2018
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    • Labour Force Survey
  • 2020
    • Labour Force Survey
  • 2021
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Laws, Policies, Schemes on Volunteering

Does the country have a piece of legislation on volunteering?


Act LXXXVIII/2005 on Public Interest Volunteer Activities

Year 2005
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Does the country have a national policy, scheme, plan or strategy specific to volunteering?

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Does the country have a sectoral and cross-sectoral policy, scheme, plan or strategy that mentions volunteering?


VNR Reporting

Voluntary National Review of Hungary on the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda

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Reporting positive contribution of volunteering to the SDGs

Paragraph 1, page 44

Backed up by a targeted regulatory development and awareness-raising action (e.g. “Pick it Up!”, a voluntary waste collection campaign for a Clean Hungary since 2011), the result is a continuous increase in recycled municipal waste, with a simultaneous decrease in disposed waste.

Paragraph 2, page 72

Impact 2030 led by Volunteering Hungary - Centre of Social Innovation (“ÖKA”) is a private sector-led initiative, with the unique mission to activate human capital investments through employee volunteer programs to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Although direct linkages between these initiatives and SDGs have not been assessed yet, they also support the SDGs.

Paragraph 3, page 60

The importance of promoting peaceful, resilient, and inclusive societies by strengthening national institutions through international cooperation is highlighted in the IDC activities of our country as well. The training event entitled “Supporting the culture of legal volunteering in the Republic of Moldova based on the Hungarian model” was attended by lawyers, academics, and non-governmental organizations interested in legal education. The aim of the project was actively to involve lawyers, attorneys’ chambers, law faculties, and civil society actors in the development of innovative forms of cooperation (pro bono projects, legal education, etc.).

Paragraph 4, page 73

SDG 1 - No Poverty. Level of Engagement (3). Business Solutions - Best Practices: --Applying fair wages --Company based fair minimum wage -- Promoting volunteering programs that help underprivileged people --In-kind donations

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