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Volunteer statistics (ILO)*

Source: ILOSTATS. The data is collected by ILO from national statistical offices. As national statistics on volunteer work are produced using a variety of approaches and tools, direct and cross-country comparisons are not recommended. For more information, visit

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Laws, Policies, Schemes on Volunteering

Does the country have a piece of legislation on volunteering?


Law no. 2011-001 and its amendement Law No. 2014-011 on the establishment and regulation of national volunteering in Togo

Year 2011
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Decree no. 2014-0151 / PR of the 09 July 2014 on the organization and operation of the National Volunteer Agency in Togo (ANVT).

Year 2014
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Does the country have a national policy, scheme, plan or strategy specific to volunteering?


Name of specific policy, strategy or plan on volunteering at the national level. Year created Source link What are the relevant SDG areas/crosscutting themes of the policy, plan scheme or strategy?

Agence Nationale du Volontariat au Togo (ANVT)

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Does the country have a sectoral and cross-sectoral policy, scheme, plan or strategy that mentions volunteering?


VNR Reporting

HLPF on Sustainable Development: Togo Country Report

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Reporting positive contribution of volunteering to the SDGs

Paragraph 1, page 35

In addition, conscious of the key role of volunteering as a powerful human and transversal means of implementing the SDGs, the Togolese State established the Togolese National Volunteering Agency (ANVT) in 2015. This agency is today a tool for mobilizing Togolese volunteers to serve in the fight against poverty, the consolidation of a strong growth foundation and the socioeconomic development of the country.  Togo has thus been striving to build a strong partnership with its citizens towards achieving the 17 SDGs by mobilizing, since 2011, more than 27,000 national and international volunteers for development projects.

Paragraph 2, page 36

In the interests of inclusion, Togo launched an innovative volunteering programme in 2016, which enabled it to reach out to a vast target group that had been previously excluded from most youth programmes.  This programme, called Civic Commitment Volunteerism (Volontariat d’Engagement citoyen– VEC), is open to out-of-school and partially schooled youths. The initiative has benefited 8,127 young Togolese nationals, of whom a high proportion were women – 5,446 (i.e. 67 per cent). Another innovative type of volunteering that Togo is currently developing is international reciprocal volunteering, which enables the exchange of volunteers between Togo and other African countries as well as other continents.

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Rapport sur l'etat d'advancement de l'integration des ODD dans les instruments nationaux de planification du developpement

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Togo's country report

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Forum Politique de Haut Niveau sur le Developpement Durable - Rapport du Togo

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